Manage pickups and deliveries in transportation trips!

Control all the information of trips/loads including documentation and expenses.


Why SAFI Journey?

Track the status of assigned trips of your truck

Find all the trip information of your truck including pickups, deliveries, drivers and more.

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Store all Loads/Trips Documentation

Upload all the loads or trips documentation to drivers, clients, trips, expenses, incomes and more. Access to all the information anywhere and anytime.


Available for any type of transport

SAFI Journey adapts to any transport business model such as land, overseas and air freight.

Save your business information

SAFI Journey has 5 modules to record your business information: drivers, vehicles, trailers, customers, trips. Configure it to the needs of your business.

Custom Reports

Our platform stores information about drivers, customers, trips and loads. Control users and access profiles, audit information record and more. With this, you can generate custom reports of all kinds.

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